Living A Magical Life

In the Spring of 2017 Tom Frank embarked on a 40 city in 60 day, cross-country lecture tour of the US. He has more recently lectured on the Apple Campus in Cupertino, The Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as in San Diego.

Currently booking lectures for 2022



“There are those magicians who talk the talk and there are those who have walked the walk, those who theorize and those who have been there and done it!

Tom Frank is a sleight of hand man of the old school, he’s not only a dedicated student of the art with vast knowledge but he’s applied that knowledge to his professional life and actually made a living by performing great magic for all types of audiences.

Anything that Tom has to share on the subject of magic, I’ll listen to all day.”

David Williamson

“Tom Frank performs practical and effective magic in REAL WORLD situations… close up and surrounded. There’s a huge difference between tricks that may be clever but aren’t really practical and those that can be performed under the most challenging conditions. Tom Frank performs the latter.”