Day 2 of messing with this website.

I would like to have video’s on the site as well as e-commerce, to sell my products.  I guess link to my social media sites, like all the kids are doing. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.

Sent Steve Weinstein my pal, who has done all my promo for decades, an email regarding graphic design for a new business card and logo for Tom Frank Magic. Re-branding from my old Industrial Strength Magic.

Strolling Magic
Stage Shows

Street Magic is the same thing at Trade Show Work. Get the crowd, keep the crowd, get the lead/money, turn it over and do it again. It’s a special skill to create a show from no one to a crowd and keep them long enough to sell them.  I owned a Magic Shop for a dozen years. On the front lines of retail, I fine tuned many product pitches as well as booking corporate work infusing a company’s product or message to enhance a sales meeting, product presentation or trade show.


What am I selling?  Shows of course, products yes,

Who am I?  What makes me different? Why should they care?

How do I keep the site simple and stream lined

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